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COVID-19 Fund for Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence Services

The Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) for Thames Valley has been provided with an additional £814,000 from the Ministry of Justice to support domestic abuse and sexual violence services impacted by COVID-19

Applications for funding are now closed

Organisations eligible to apply are:

  • Registered Charities
  • Charitable incorporated organisations
  • Social enterprises
  • Companies limited by guarantee
  • Community interest companies that provide support services

The funding available is for costs from the time period 24 March - 31 October 2020 only and aims to allow organisations to meet the additional costs they have incurred or will incur whilst adapting their services during the pandemic, and to cope with demand increases resulting from it. For example, funding may be used to:

  • address short term income disruption;
  • meet essential costs of sustaining current activities, such as the purchasing of assets to support the move to remote and digital working, and additional staff to cover those unable to work for reasons related to the pandemic; and
  • address increased demand.

 Applications for funding are open to both services that are already commissioned by the PCC and those that are not and can be used to support existing and/or new clients (adults and children). Funding can be used to provide support to domestic abuse and sexual violence victims and their families and could include, but is not limited to:

  • IDVAs/ ISVAs;
  • court support;
  • face to face or remote counselling for individuals and/or their families; and
  • support for particular groups such as BAME/Disabled/LGBT victims

However, the funding can’t be used for the development of new projects or services not related to the COVID-19 response and any spend that organisations commit to beyond the 31 October 2020 must be met through their own funds. If you are applying or have applied for other government emergency funding for COVID-19 please note that you cannot receive funding from different pots for the same purpose. If you are a national organisation then funding should be requested through the Home Office funding.

More information and frequently asked questions regarding the fund can be found in the Ministry of Justice guidance

The PCC is now inviting applications for funding. If you meet the criteria please complete the below application form (ensuring you complete both tabs) and return along with your recent annual return to:

Unfortunately due to the emergency nature of the funding, there are short time scales between the allocation of funding and notifying the Ministry of Justice. Therefore, the deadline for the return of applications is 5pm Friday 5th June 2020 (please note that this deadline and the dates below have been changed from the original ones due to a new time frame being provided by the Ministry of Justice)

We will be informing the Ministry of Justice of which organisations we intend to fund on Thursday 11th June, however, we will not receive confirmation of our grant agreements until Tuesday 16th June. Therefore, we will inform you of whether you have been successful or not in your funding application as soon as possible after that date. The Ministry of Justice will provide the funding to the PCC on Thursday 25th June. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How will applications for funding be evaluated?

The applications will be evaluated based on 70% quality of the applications and 30% on cost. Within the quality component we will be assessing:

  • Whether the requested costs are due to COVID-19
  • The experience of the organisation in delivering support to victims of domestic abuse and/ sexual violence
  • Ability to support client group during the funding period
  • The ability of the organisation to reach victims with protected characteristics

2. What time period is the funding for?

The funding is for costs incurred or will be incurred due to COVID-19 in the period 24th March – 31st October 2020 only.

3. What if my organisation already submitted a bid to the PCC for COVID-19 related costs?

The Ministry of Justice (MoJ) has decided to allocate funding to PCCs using the formula for the main grant and have issued clear guidance on how this funding can be spent, with 3 pots ring-fenced to different types of provider. Unfortunately, the new MoJ guidance supersedes the previous bidding process as it changes some of the eligibility criteria.  As such, we are required to request that you apply through the up-dated process.  However, if you are satisfied your previous bid still meets the new criteria, please use this to inform your bid.

4. What should we include under column E on the cost tab of the application?

Please include in this column a sentence about why the requested funding is required to assist your organisation during the COVID-19 period.

5. What if the organisation has already received funding from the National Lottery?

An organisation can apply for funding from both provided the funding isn’t covering the same cost item.

6. What if our organisation does not primarily support victims of DA and SV but does still provide support to them?

The funding does not require an organisation to exclusively support DA/SV victims. If an organisation is satisfied that their client group includes victims of DA and SV and can outline this in the application form then they are welcome to apply for funding.

7. Can the funding be extended to beyond 31st October 2020?

The time period given (24th March – 31st October 2020) is a condition of funding from the Ministry of Justice and was stipulated by the Treasury, therefore, the funding is unable to be extended beyond the 31st October 2020.

However, if there are any costs that your organisation have incurred or expect to incur within that period to allow you to adapt your service or meet increased demand due to COVID-10 please submit an application

 8. What proportion of funding is in each pot?

The proportions of funding ring-fenced by the MoJ are: 50% DA services already PCC funded, 25% DA services not PCC funded and 25% SV services. Please note that PCC funded also includes grant funding through other sources such as the Community Safety Fund.

9. What funding should we request?

We will review any application based on the criteria outlined, including whether the costs requested are required due to COVID-19. If you are satisfied that the funding requested would help you to adapt to COVID-19 and meet any extra demand from DA and/or SV victims during that period then please submit an application.

Some examples of funding use could include assisting the organisation and staff to working during the pandemic, including moves to remote and digital working, additional staff to cover those unable to work for reasons related to the pandemic and resources to help manage increase demand during that period. However, what is required during this period will be unique to an organisation and up to them to be both satisfied that it is COVID-19 related and to explain this need within the application.

10. Can we include lost income due to COVID-19 (including unallocated lost income)?

If you have lost income i.e. lack of fundraising activities etc due to COVID-19 or anticipate losing income then you are able to include this in your application. Please explain what income you have lost and what it would normally cover within the context and/or cost section. If you can be specific that is helpful but if you can’t then include it as lost income due to COVID19 and we will review it. 

Further general Frequently Asked Questions can be found on the Ministry of Justice Guidance

The MoJ's announcement can be found at the following link including information on the Rape and Sexual Assault Support Fund