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HMICFRS Reports and Responses

Follow the links below to access HMICFRS reports and the response from the Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC).

The PCC has responded to both HMICFRS reports on Thames Valley Police and on other national reports where these are relevant. The HMICFRS reports are linked within the PCC Response.

HMICFRS reports
28.04.22 Thames Valley PEEL inspection 2021/22

PCC media response (April 2022)

25.02.22 A Joint Thematic Inspection of the Police & Crown Prosecution Service's Response to the Rape Phase 2: Post Charge

PCC Response (March 2022)

TVP Report Thematic Inspection

03.12.21 Safe to share? Liberty and Southall Black Sisters’ super-complaint on policing and immigration status (Update) Joint Chief Constable & PCC Response (December 2021)
17.11.21 A Joint Thematic Inspection of the Criminal Justice journey for individuals with mental health needs PCC Response (November 2021)
17.09.21 Police reponse to violence against women and girls final inpection reort  PCC Response (November 2021)
24.08.21 A duty to protect use of protective measures in cases involving violence against women and girls PCC Response (November 2021)
23.06.21 Review of policing domestic abuse during the pandemic PCC Response (June 2021)
26.05.21 Report on Hestia’s super-complaint on the police response to victims of modern slavery PCC Response (June 2021)
20.04.21 Policing in the pandemic - The police response to the coronavirus pandemic during 2020 ­& Custody services in a COVID-19 environment PCC Response (June 2021)
11.03.21 Getting the Balance Right? An Inspection on how effectively the Police with with Protests PCC Response (March 2021)
26.02.21 Disproportionate use of Police Powers - A Spotlight on Stop and Search and the Use of Force  PCC Response (March 2021)
10.02.21 An Inspection of the Effectiveness of the Regional Organised Crime Units PCC Response (February 2021)
17.12.20 Safe to Share? Liberty and Southall Black Sisters' Super Complaint on Policing and Immigration Status PCC Response (March 2021)
08.12.20 Pre-Charge Bail and Released under Investigation: Striking a Balance PCC Response (January 2021)
24.10.19 Cyber: Keep the light on - An inspection of the police response to cyber-dependent crime PCC Response (October 2019)
27.09.19 PEEL: Police effectiveness, efficiency and legitimacy 2018/19 - Thames Valley Police PCC Response 4 (September 2019)
27.09.19 Shining a light on betrayal: Abuse of position for a sexual purpose PCC Response 3 (September 2019)
27.09.19 Peel Spotlight Report: Emerging themes from the second group of 2018/19 PEEL inspections PCC Response 2 (September 2019)
03.09.19 Leading Lights: An inspection of the police service's arrangements for the selection and development of chief officers PCC Response (September 2019)
25.07.19 Crime Data Integrity re-inspection 2019 PCC Response (July 2019)
01.04.19 Fraud: Time to Choose - An inspection of the police response to fraud PCC Response (April 2019)
08.03.19 Joint Targeted Area Inspection of the multi-agency response to sexual abuse in the family in Bracknell Forest PCC Response (March 2019)
08.10.18 Joint Inspection of the Handling of Cases Involving Disability Hate Crime PCC Response (October 2018)
19.07.18 Understanding the difference - the Initial police response to hate crime PCC Response 2 (July 2018)
05.07.18 Growing up neglected: a multi-agency response to older children PCC Response (July 2018)
20.06.18 Thames Valley Police - Unannounced Inspection to Police Custody Suites PCC Response 2 (June 2018)
12.06.18 State of Policing: The Annual Assessment of Policing in England and Wales 2017 PCC Response (June 2018)

PEEL Effectiveness 2017 - 18 - Thames Valley

PEEL Effectiveness 2017 - 18 - national overview

PCC Response (March 2018)
15.02.18 Crime Data Integrity Inspection 2017  PCC Response (February 2018)

PEEL Legitimacy 2017 - Thames Valley

PEEL Legitimacy - national overview

PCC Response (December 2017)


PEEL Efficiency (including Leadership) 2017 – Thames Valley Police

PEEL Efficiency (including Leadership) 2017 – national overview


PCC Response (November 2017)


PEEL Effectiveness 2016 - Thames Valley Police

PEEL Effectiveness 2016 -  national overview

PCC response (March 2017)


PEEL - Police Efficiency Report: An inspection of Thames Valley Police

PCC Response 2 (December 2016)


PEEL - Leadership Report: An inspection of Thames Valley Police

PCC Response (December 2016)


PEEL - Legitimacy Report: An inspection of Thames Valley Police

PCC Response (November 2016)


PEEL - Police Efficiency 2015: An inspection of Thames Valley Police

PCC response 3 (December 2015)


PEEL - Police effectiveness 2015 (vulnerability)

PCC response 2 (December 2015)


Increasingly everyone's business: A progress report on the police response to domestic abuse

PCC response (December 2015)


Witness for the Prosecution: Identifying victim and witness vulnerability in criminal case files

Thames Valley Police report

PCC response (November 2015)


Targetting the Risk - An inspection of the efficiency and effectiveness of firearms licensing in police forces across England and Wales

PCC response (September 2015)


Reports on Child Protection

PCC response (July 2015)


The welfare of vulnerable people in police custody

PCC response (April 2015)


Stop and Search Powers 2: are the police using them effectively and fairly

PCC response (March 2015)


Crime Date Integrity

Thames Valley Police Report  

PCC response (November 2014)


An Inspection of Undercover Policing in England and Wales 

PCC response (October 2014)


Core Business

Thames Valley Police Report   

PCC response (September 2014)


The Strategic Policing Requirement

PCC response (April 2014)


Everyone's Business: Improving the police response to domestic abuse 

Thames Valley Police Report

PCC response (March 2014)


Report on an Inspection Visit to Custody Suites

PCC response (February 2014)


Policing in Austerity: Rising to the Challenge

National Report  

Thames Valley Report 

PCC response 2 (July 2013)


Stop and Search Powers: Are the police using them effectively and fairly? 

PCC response (July 2013)


Crime Recording in Kent 

PCC response 3 (June 2013)


Essex Police's Approach to Managing Cases of Domestic Abuse 

PCC response 2 (June 2013)


Stop the Drift 2 - A Continuing Focus on 21st Century Criminal Justice

PCC response (June 2013)