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Response from Anthony Stansfeld to HMIC's interim crime data integrity report

Today’s interim HMIC report highlights a number of significant issues which concern me because of the wider impact on the public’s confidence in policing.

Whilst Thames Valley Police was not inspected at this stage, the initial report highlights a number of key management areas where HMIC have focused their attention. I am confident this Force has – for some time now - already implemented a number of good practices within these areas. The Force has a good record on data integrity and HMIC reported positively on this in their last inspection in 2012, although the latest inspection criteria will be more rigorous than before.

The consequences of under-recording of crime can potentially affect not only victims and communities within the justice system, but can negatively impact on the effective decision-making of Police and Crime Commissioner’s and Chief Constables. However, the latest independent data from the Crime Survey of England and Wales has shown a continuing downward trend in crime over the past 20 years.

I firmly believe that victims of crime in Thames Valley can be confident that they will receive a professional service when they contact the police, and be assured that their crime is recorded in an appropriate and ethical manner.

I look forward to receiving HMICs final report on crime data integrity later this autumn.