Police and Crime Commissioner launches £1million victims of crime grant competition

The Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) for Thames Valley, Anthony Stansfeld, has today (27/08) announced his priority areas for victims of crime and is offering over £1,000,000 to organisations who support them.

From October the PCC will be responsible for commissioning new emotional and practical support services for victims of crime and will initially be grant funding services before moving to commissioning in April 2015.

The second phase of transitional grant funding is intended to provide services for victims of crime to help them cope with the immediate impacts of crime and, as far as possible, recover from the harm they have experienced.

The PCC, in particular, is encouraging bids from his priority areas for victim’s commissioning, which are:

•Practical and emotional support for victims of sexual assault.

•Practical and emotional support for victims of domestic violence.

•Practical and emotional support for child and young victims of crime.

•Psychological counselling for victims in the priority categories and/or victims who have been unable to recover from the impact of the crime.

•Third party reporting mechanism for victims of hate crime.

•Victim-centred restorative justice

The grant competition will close on 12:00noon hrs on 12th September 2014. The application form and further information is available at www.thamesvalley-pcc.gov.uk

Anthony Stansfeld, Police and Crime Commissioner for Thames Valley said: “Supporting victims of crime is one of my key priorities and I want to make sure that services are available to help victims cope and recover from the harm they have experienced.

“There are many organisations that provide crucial support to victims of crime and I hope that this funding will assist them in continuing with their current work and even building on it by creating new projects where there are gaps in service.

“I am particularly keen to see applications that will be supporting my priority areas which include victims of domestic violence, sexual violence and young people as well as services that provide psychological counselling or victim centred restorative justice.”



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