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Thames Valley Police Misconduct Hearing – 15th June

Anthony Stansfeld, Police and Crime Commissioner for Thames Valley said:

"Following the Decision of the Misconduct Hearing Panel, I am pleased for all concerned that these matters have now finally been concluded and, following an open and transparent hearing, all allegations of misconduct against these five police officers have been found not proven.  The case against them, based on an investigation conducted by the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC), has gone on for over seven years.

“I will not comment on the specifics of the case against the officers; the circumstances are clear from the Coroner’s inquest (a finding of death by misadventure), the Crown Prosecutions Service's decision not to prosecute them and this Misconduct Hearing Panel's decision.  However, I find it quite unacceptable that a hearing into allegations of misconduct against officers, which the IPCC investigated and directed to be held in public, has taken 7 years to bring to a conclusion.  It has also resulted in considerable additional cost to the public.

“I now call on the IPCC to undertake a full review of how it investigated this case, and so ensure that never again can a disciplinary case take this inordinate length of time.  Such delays are unfair to all parties involved.

“I recognise the difficult circumstances from which this case arose.  Both Thames Valley Police and the IPCC have acknowledged the impact on Mr. Ullah's family.  Nevertheless, during this time of the investigation, the police officers themselves and their families have also been victims.  The officers’ careers have been put on hold, their duties and promotion opportunities have been restricted, and they have been put under considerable strain.  I expect those responsible for the delay to apologise to the officers.

“I, as the Police and Crime Commissioner for the Thames Valley, have had no control over how this case was conducted but I recognise and regret the impact these proceedings will have had on the officers and their families, and I shall be writing personally to each officer to acknowledge that."