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Police and Crime Commissioner awards over £300,000 to organisations to support Police and Crime priorities

The Police and Crime Commissioner for the Thames Valley has awarded over £300,000 funding to seven organisations delivering projects to support key strategic aims within his Police and Crime Plan.

The successful projects are spread across the Thames Valley and are between 1 and 2 years in length.  Four of the projects focus on reducing re-offending, one on elder abuse and two on young people and exploitation or gangs.

Examples of funded projects include:

  • an intervention to reduce violent re-offending of people under the influence of alcohol,
  • safeguarding training for small community groups to support older people who may be vulnerable to abuse and exploitation,
  • youth work aimed at vulnerable young people who may be at risk of exploitation from gangs, or on the edge of County Lines drug trafficking to get them involved in local activities or groups in the local community, and
  • the development of an intervention programme to reduce re-offending of stranger rape.

Matthew Barber Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner for Thames Valley said “We are pleased to be able to fund a range of projects across the Thames Valley area which will support strategic priorities within our Police and Crime Plan.

“The projects funded address a range of issues which negatively impact our communities from young to old.  They are areas which cannot be addressed by one organisation alone which is why this fund is so important in being able to explore different approaches to tackling what can be large and complex problems.

“I am looking forward to seeing the delivery of these projects over the next two years.”

Information about the successful applicants can be found at titled ‘Community Safety Fund Grant Awards June 2018



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