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PCCs are required to publish the most recent HMICFRS force-level report on the effectiveness, efficiency and legitimacy of the police force (also known as PEEL reports).

We are also required to publish the summary assessment of the performance of our police force. 

The PCC has responded to both HMICFRS reports on Thames Valley Police and on other national reports where these are relevant. The HMICFRS reports are linked within the PCC Response.

08.03.23An Inspection of how well the police tackle youth violencePCC Response (March 2023)
16.12.22Super complaint response: How the Police respond to victims of sexual abuse when the victim is form an ethnic minority background and may be at risk of honour-based abusePCC Response (February 2023)
01.12.22An Inspection into how well the Police and other Agencies use digital forensics in their investigationsPCC Response (January 2023)
TVP Report Thematic Inspections

Thames Valley Police Report: The Effectiveness of Vetting and Counter-Corruption Arrangements

An Inspection of Vetting, Misconduct and Misogyny in the Police Service (National Report)

HMICFRS Responses – Thames Valley PCC
18.08.22PPDA super-complaint

PCC response (August 2022)
TVP Report Thematic Inspection
28.04.22Thames Valley Peel Inspection 2021/22PCC media response (April 2022)
PAM response (May 2022)  
25.02.22A Joint Thematic Inspection of the Police & Crown Prosecution Service’s Response to the Rape Phase 2: Post ChargePCC Response (March 2022)
TVP Report Thematic Inspection
03.12.21Safe to share? Liberty and Southall Black Sisters’ super-complaint on policing and immigration status (Update)Joint Chief Constable & PCC Response (December 2021)
17.11.21A Joint Thematic Inspection of the Criminal Justice journey for individuals with mental health needsPCC Response (November 2021)
17.09.21Police response to violence against women and girls final inspection report PCC Response (November 2021)
24.08.21A duty to protect use of protective measures in cases involving violence against women and girlsPCC Response (November 2021)
23.06.21Review of policing domestic abuse during the pandemicPCC Response (June 2021)
26.05.21Report on Hestia’s super-complaint on the police response to victims of modern slaveryPCC Response (June 2021)

You can find previous HMICFRS responses in our archive

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