Community Safety Fund

In 2017/18, the PCC maintained a Community Safety budget of £3.0 million. £2.7 million in Community Safety Fund grants were provided to county and unitary councils to help deliver crime reduction, prevention and support services.

The local authorities have used their grant allocations to deliver the following benefits:

  • Youth offending including youth restorative justice, intervention work with young offenders and participation in youth crime prevention projects: £917,917
  • Substance misuse including Drug & Alcohol Action Team (DAAT) services, treatment for offenders, staff training, leaflets for taxi drivers and outreach support: £528,386
  • Domestic Abuse (DA) including outreach support, Independent Domestic Violence Advisors (IDVAs), DA champions, helpline calls: £424,926
  • Anti-social behaviour (ASB officers, community wardens, diversionary activities): £223,492
  • Sexual abuse, including anti-Child Sexual Exploitation youth projects and a healthy choices programme: £172,655
  • Young people (crime prevention, safety or diversionary activities): £116,042
  • Hidden harm, including a Human Slavery co-ordinator: £97,912
  • Integrated offender management: £95,017
  • Miscellaneous activities covering a raft of different initiatives and activities: £168,406

The £0.3 million fund retained was used to provide:

  • Grant funding FGM projects: £119,386
  • Grant funding cyber-crime projects: £94,065
  • Contribution to GPS offender tagging project: £25,000
  • Other expenditure includes contributions to Crimestoppers, County Lines review, night vision goggles for rural policing, Modus software and commencement and evaluation of a Thames Valley-wide Domestic Violence perpetrators programme: £68,679

Details of previous years' funding can be found in the Annual Reports


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