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Community Safety Fund

In 2018/19, the Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) maintained a Community Safety budget of £3 million, of which £2.7 million was given in grants to county and unitary councils in the Thames Valley area, and £0.3 million was used to fund Thames Valley-wide and other priority service initiatives.

The local authorities have used their grant allocations to invest in the following services and initiatives:

  • Youth offending including youth restorative justice, intervention work with young offenders and participation in youth crime prevention projects: £922,222
  • Substance misuse including Drug Alcohol Action Team services, treatment for offenders (including rehab), staff training in early intervention, prison link workers: £608,562
  • Domestic abuse (DA) including outreach support, Independent Domestic Violence Advocates, DA champions, school productions to inform them about DA at home: £427,394
  • Young people, including crime prevention, safeguarding and diversionary activities: £222,300
  • Anti-social behaviour, including ASB officers, dealing with complaints and an ASB diversionary programme in schools and community groups: £175,644
  • Hidden harm activities including modern slavery, human exploitation and safeguarding intervention: £106,498
  • Integrated offender management: £68,670
  • Miscellaneous activities covering a raft of different initiatives and activities: £200,821

The £0.3 million fund retained has been used to provide:

  • Domestic violence (DV) perpetrator programmes: £112,318
  • Reducing re-offending projects: £75,584
  • Youth, gangs and exploitation projects: £34,437
  • An elders abuse project: £25,212
  • A contribution to GPS tagging project: £25,000
  • Night vision equipment and ‘Automatic Number Plate Recognition’ (ANPR) cameras for Thames Valley Police: £33,269
  • Other miscellaneous initiatives, including contributions to Crimestoppers, evaluation of Judge Sheridan’s proposal for DA courts and Modus software (£44,552)

Details of previous years' funding can be found in the Annual Reports.