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Police jacket
Police jacket

National priorities for policing

The National Priorities for Policing were introduced by the Government in 2021. The priorities are specified by the Government in the National Crime and Policing Measures. The aim of the national measures is to complement existing local priorities set out in the Thames Valley Police and Criminal Justice Plan 2021-25. The Police and Crime Commissioner has included all national priorities in his current Police and Crime Plan. 

The key national policing priorities are:

  • Reduce murder and other homicide
  • Reduce serious violence
  • Disrupt drugs supply and county lines
  • Reduce neighbourhood crime
  • Improve victim satisfaction with a focus on victims of domestic abuse
  • Tackle cyber crime

Note that some third-party data used by wider government bodies to inform these priorities is currently unavailable. Thames Valley Police and regional colleagues are actively developing alternative (proxy) measures - the PCC will ensure that only the appropriate data is published. 

The Police and Crime Commissioner is required to provide a statement on the contribution of Thames Valley Police to achieving improvements against these national priorities. This report will also contain information relevant to the national priorities. 

HMICFRS reporting

PCCs are required to publish the most recent HMICFRS force-level report on the effectiveness, efficiency and legitimacy of the police force (also known as PEEL reports). It also requires PCCs to publish the summary assessment of the performance of the police force. 

HMICFRS have moved to a two-year inspection and reporting cycle and will publish new PEEL force performance reports between late summer 2021 and end March 2023.

In the interim, PCCs are required to provide a link to the 2018/19 integrated PEEL report, which is the most current force performance report. Thames Valley Police overall grading for 2018/19 was Good – a link to the full of the report is available here.

Complaints handling

PCCs must publish the most recent Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) quarterly complaints data for their force and the IOPC annual statistics report, alongside a narrative setting out how the PCC is holding the chief officer to account, and the PCC’s assessment of their own performance in carrying out their other complaints handling functions.

These can be found below:

IOPC Complaints Data 20/21

PCC Annual Complaints Data Report 20/21