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Interacting with Young People

AIM: Development of strategies to improve perceptions of police among young people 

Thames Valley Police

  • Local Policing are working with Corporate Communications to promote the benefits of Independent Advisory Groups (IAG) as a way of improving engagement with under 18-year-olds.
  • A Schools Policing Conference took place In August bringing together over 110 representation from across the force to learn from key internal and external stakeholders, share good practice and provide a networking opportunity. 
  • The Chair of the Stop and Search Independent Audit Group (SSIAG) has written to Youth Offending Teams encouraging youth participation in IAG forums and is preparing a YouTube clip discussing IAGs as a way to encourage young people to consider joining IAGs to have a say.
  • A schools’ engagement officer has been re-introduced in most LPAs. This will support early intervention and building resilience amongst young people.
  • In Slough, the police-led community consultation forum has significant youth representation, encouraging young people to discuss local concerns and to be a part of the solution
  • At South Oxfordshire and Vale of White Horse LPA, a Youth Independent Advisory Group (IAG) has been running successfully for over a year, with feedback delivered on issues such as Tasers and use of force. This allows for better communication with young people across the LPA.
  • The Food Academy project, a unique diversion project in cooperation with the Army, has now run several cohorts. In seven sessions, students struggling in school or otherwise troubled, prepare meals to take home for their families. The course culminates in a banquet prepared by the participants, with 50 - 80 attendees. Each student is awarded a certificate and a medal from the Craft Guild of Chefs, and several students have subsequently found employment in the catering industry.