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Managing Demand

AIM: Clarification of processes for referring on issues that sit best with other authorities.


Thames Valley Police

  • Aylesbury Local Policing Area have worked in partnership with Aylesbury Town Centre Partnership on initiatives such as Pub Watch to gain the Purple Flag award for positive nighttime economy experience.
  • Key Criminal Justice partners are being engaged in order to establish complementary approaches to diversion and offender aftercare referrals, for example probation services and custody partnerships including Liaison and Diversion. The timing of the rollout is linked to the delivery of effective rehabilitative treatments including Victim Awareness Course and drug and alcohol treatment.
  • In Slough Local Policing Area, work has taken place to raise the profile of the Youth Liaison & Diversion (L&D) team, expanding their reach from the custody environment only into the community. L&D workers attend multi-agency meetings such as the Serious Youth Violence and Child Drug Exploitation meetings to help tackle child exploitation issues and assess vulnerable children in home visits with officers.
  • Changes to detention in the Mental Health Act which gives the police power to remove someone from a public place to a place of safety has led to a reduction in the number of unlawful detentions in police custody. Staff have been trained to align with new mental health guidance.