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Uptake of Technology

AIM: Encourage accelerated up-take of new technology in order to prevent, reduce and detect crime 

Thames Valley Police

  • The work completed by the Professional Standards Department with the Digital Public Contact Programme, has significantly reduced demand through more effective filtering of incoming e-mail. Around 2000 emails per year will be more effectively managed, improving services to the public making contact and improving staff effectiveness.
  • More investment has been made into the force crime recording system, RMS Niche, and a new version will be implemented shortly. 
  • The expansion of video links to courts using the LiveLinks service has been completed. 
  • Evidence is now being shared with the Crown Prosecution Service using its evidence exchange system, Egress, reducing the amount of paper and the number of disks being posted.
  • The new Thames Valley Police/ Hampshire Constabulary website had been launched and the public reporting function is providing increased notifications resulting in a reduction in 101 calls and increased operational efficiency.
  • The new Contact Management Platform has progressed significantly, with user training in progress. To give assurance that this critical system will be implemented successfully initial system recovery testing has been conducted and remediation work following penetration testing is being progressed.
  • The ICT department continues to work with the National Enabling Programme to adopt national solutions at a regional level. This includes instant messaging and voice/video conferencing to create a more effective and efficient workforce that is increasingly mobile. The provision of remote secure network access will enable these new ways of working in a secure way.
  • The Mobility Enablement Strategy is aligned with Smarter Ways of Working to better enable digital policing, giving officers & staff the devices and tools they need to be always securely connected and work where they are needed, which allows improvements in productivity and releases savings through efficiency.
  • The Professional Standards Department (PSD) review of misconduct hearings initiated in Q1 has been completed and members of the public can now make direct online requests to attend, improving the efficiency of the process. The website facility for public reporting of crime and road traffic incidents is working effectively with 80% of RTIs and 12% of crime now being reported online. During Q2 we have started to run analysis of the usage and issues raised to further improve the public interfaces.
  • Over the next three years the Data Enablers Programme (collaborative with Hampshire Constabulary) aims to implement a structured approach to data management that will underpin digital transformation and how the force maximises the value from using data as a key asset. It will enable existing information to be streamlined and will add value by providing additional insights, allowing the force to provide better planning in areas such as Domestic Abuse and Vulnerability through high-quality data. Combining Thames Valley and Hampshire data from various separate systems will also give a more comprehensive picture.
  • Criminal Justice are working to improve the way in which the force manages digital evidence such as CCTV and body worn video material, and have now completed the procurement for the new Digital Evidence Management System.
  • A pilot has been completed to move to the Android platform for mobile phones, and rollout of the new devices is expected to begin in February 2019. This is in line with the National Enabling Programme, sharing infrastructure and services on a regional level and will enable the force to retain up-to-date and supportable technology.
  • Thames Valley Police launched its new website, and has seen a significant take-up rate in the number of people choosing to report crime on-line, with 27,330 reports submitted since July ‘18. This equates to 13.3% of all crime being reported to TVP. Over 600 feedback reports state that they would not have contacted the Police if they could not have done so online. In December ‘19, the facility to apply online for a Firearms Licence was added to the website, including online payment.
  • A Central Storage Project for Body Worn Video is currently in progress, establishing much better levels of resilience, recovery and continuity.