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Thames Valley Police

Working with Thames Valley Police and holding to account its Chief Constable is one of the key roles of the Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC)

Matthew Barber shakes hands with John Campbell
Matthew Barber shakes hands with John Campbell

The PCC and his office work closely with Thames Valley Police to fulfil the PCC's duty to hold the Chief Constable to account, to scrutinise, support and challenge performance on behalf of the public and to promote joint working.

This includes regular attendance by the PCC and OPCC staff at relevant force meetings, engagement between the organisations to identify areas of shared working and quarterly Policy, Planning and Performance meetings where the Chief Constable is publicly held to account.

As well as working in partnership to improve services the PCC also receives all the funding relating to policing and reducing crime for the Thames Valley. It is then up to the PCC to work with the Chief Constable to set the budget for Thames Valley Police.

The Chief Constable and his police force also deliver many of the strategies and aims that are set out in the PCC's Police and Crime Plan via their own internal delivery plan.