Supporting Victims

In October 2014, the Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) became responsible for commissioning new emotional and practical support services for victims of crime in the Thames Valley.

Across the country local commissioning replaced the old sytem of grant-funding by the Ministry of Justice (MoJ), although some services are still funded nationally, incuding the witness service, the homicide service, the trafficking service, rape support and some victims' helplines. 

The PCC was responsible for commissioning both a 'non-specialist' overarching victim referral mechanism including onward support and more 'specialist' services for victims of crime, including Restorative Justice.

Since the change in responsiblity the PCC has consulted and engaged extensively with organisations that work with victims of crime including voluntary and statutory services, spoken to victims and carried out a victims needs assessment. This work was then used to decide which crime types to focus on for our specialist services and what support these services will offer. Our new services launched in 2015. 

More information on Government reforms to victims' services are availbale below, including the new Victims Code of Practice.


The new Victims Code, published by the Ministry of Justice in October 2015:

The Code of Practice for Victims of Crime (full version)

Victims of Crime: Understanding the support you can expect (summary version of the Code)

Young Victims of Crime:Understanding the support you should get (leaflet on the Code for under 18s)

Victims Code Poster


Ministry of Justice consultation on reforms leading to local commissining (2012)

Getting it right for victims and witnesses: the Government response


Framework for local commissioning, published by Ministry of Justice (2013)

Victim Services Commissioning Framework

Contract Management Strategy 


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