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Our 'Third Party Reporting Mechanism for Hate Crime' was commissioned by the PCC in early 2015 and begun in June 2015.The contract was awarded to Milton Keynes Equality Council who are now providing a service across Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire through the Thames Valley Hate Crime Network.


What does the service offer?

The Hate Crime Network provides a means for victims of hate crime or any witnesses to report to them if they aren't comfortable reporting directly to the police. You can report via phone, website or through their app. They can then pass the report onto the police anonymously or support the caller to make a formal report to Thames Valley police directly. 

As well as taking third party reports the service also works with communities and relevant organisations to train and advise their members on what hate crime is and how to report it.  They are working across Thames Valley to identify and remove barriers to reporting and offer appropriate advice and information to those victims requiring further emotional support. 


What is Hate Crime?

Hate Crime is defined by the Criminal Justice system as:

'Any crime or incident which is perceived by the victim, or any other person, to be motivated by a hostility or prejudice, based on a persons real or presumed religion, sexual orientation, race, gender identity or disability'

It might be that someone has shouted names at you, taken money from you or told them to buy you things when you didn't want to, it might also be that someone has physically hurt you or damaged your property.

Someone doesn't have to hate you to commit these crimes against you, they may only dislike the fact you are disabled or gay for example. This might be difficult to prove and you may try to ignore it but it is really important that you let someone know if you think you are being targeted.

It is sometimes hard to report incidents as you might be scared that things will get worse or don't know if it will be taken seriously, if you are worried or concerned get in touch with the 'Hate Crime Network' who can help to support you in taking it forward or just give some advice.


Report It!

You can report hate crime to the Network by:

Phone: 0300 1234 148

Web: http://www.hatecrimenetwork.org.uk/report-it.html 

App: You can also download their app to find out more about hate crime and to report it when and where it happens.

The app 'TVHCNetwork' is available to download to AppleHTML and Android phones.


Training and Support

The Thames Valley Hate Crime Network also offer training and support to organisations that work with communities, making certain that those on the frontline know what hate crime is, what to do if you come across it and how to help someone experiencing it.

If you would like to find our more please contact the Network on:

Phone: 01908 606828

Email: info@hatecrimenetwork.org.uk 

More info on: www.hatecrimenetwork.org.uk 


Further Information

Third Party Reporting Mechanism Decision Paper

Contract Management Strategy 

Please note: Hate Crime can still be reported directly to Thames Valley Police via 101 (non-emergency number) or 999 in an emergency.


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