FGM and Cyber Crime Grants

The Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) maintains a fund for spending on local community safety initiatives. In 2017/18, 10% of this fund has been retained in order to facilitate local priorities and central commissioning of services, in line with the PCC's strategic aims.

Funding is available in this round of grant funding to improve prevention and early intervention in the areas of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) and Cyber Crime. Specifically, bids are invited from organisations for projects which meet one or more of the following criteria:-


Tackling FGM

a) Training or other initiatives for key professionals (e.g. teachers, lawyers, health visitors, safeguarding leads) to encourage reporting and improve knowledge and the use of appropriate referral pathways.

b) Engagement and/ or education in key communities where there are cultures known to be at risk.


Cyber Crime

a) To improve public awareness of measures to protect against cyber crime.

b) To deliver targeted cyber crime prevention activities to those at either end of the age spectrum.


Grants funding awarded must be regarded as one-off funding without gurantee that further funding will be available, or that services awarded grant funding will be formally commissioned by the PCC at a later date. Appplicants should therefore consider the sustainability of services beyond the grant funding phase.


Applying for the grant

Bids should be submitted electonically using the relevant application form below. 

Before submiting an application please read the below document

 'Application Process and Criteria Guidance' 


We recommend saving your own copy of the grant application electronically before submitting it using the forms below.

The grant application process will close at 16.00hrs on the 5 September 2017


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