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Medium Risk Safety Planning Service

The PCC is seeking a single provider to undertake a one-year pilot to provide medium risk safety planning to support victims of domestic abuse across the Thames Valley.

The service provider will work closely with Thames Valley Police and the OPCC to provide a telephone-based service. The pilot will begin on 1st April 2021 and will be supported by a grant.


The full Specification for the service can be found here.

Market Engagement

A virtual market engagement event was held on Monday 5th October at 2.00pm to discuss this opportunity with providers.

This page will continue to be updated to include responses to any questions asked about the service.


Q. What is the current provision on staffing levels, is it the same across all providers?

A. No. Existing providers deliver the service differently.  Some areas have recruited individual staff for a set number of hours to deliver the service, other areas spread service delivery amongst existing staff e.g. a number of IDVAs or case workers are vetted to deliver the service between them, which provides better resilience.

Q. Has Thames Valley Police (TVP) agreed to the remote working model as there have been difficulties during COVID in TVP being able to share records with providers

A. Yes. Providers will have direct access to TVP IT systems. Once the provider has been appointed, work will be carried out to implement this.

Q. Will the provider be able to access TVP data directly, or will shadow records be created?

A. It is intended that the provider will have access to and be able to update TVP Niche records directly.

Q. COVID has meant that it’s difficult to know what demand will look like for the next 12 months.  Will there be any additional analysis of the data/demand during lockdown (April May and June)?

A. Reporting/demand is being closely monitored.  Having seen a decrease in demand in April, levels increased in May and are beginning to stabilise.  Reporting is now slightly higher than pre-COVID.   If necessary the contract will be amended mid-year should demand vary significantly from what was predicted.

Q. When will TUPE information be available?

A. Existing providers have provided information about TUPE which is available on request for any provider wanting to submit an application.

Q. How long is the vetting of staff expected to take?

A. We do not have a definite timescale but expect it to be no longer than 3 months.  The service cannot be delivered prior to full vetting taking place and it is the provider and the OPCC’s responsibility therefore to facilitate this in a timely manner.

Q. How will repeat victims be prioritised and who will do this – TVP or the provider?

A. TVP will discuss and agree the criteria for prioritising victims with the provider.  The provider will then apply the criteria.

Q. In regards to TUPE information provided are you able to confirm if this is the complete TUPE burden for this opportunity?

A. This is the information provided to us by current providers which we are passing on unaltered.  We are not able to respond to further questions about TUPE.

Q. Within the spec the estimated time given to each MRSP case taken on by the service is 40 mins, in our experience this can often be closer to 1 hour inclusive of follow up administration, recording of interventions/data/outcomes and signposting. Does the estimated 40 min figure factor those elements beyond just the telephone call?

A. The 40 minutes estimated average time to deal with a successful call does factor in additional administration time.

Q. Recording and reporting KPI data; during the event and within the specification there is mention of data being recorded within “Niche”. Currently we use Niche and there is not the ability to record and report on data. In our experience Niche provides is a platform suited to case management only. Are there changes planned to Niche or will we still be required to collate and report KPI data outside of Niche? 

A. The recording process will be developed with TVP once the successful provider has been identified.  At this time, TVP report that recording of performance data within niche will be possible.

Q. I’m assuming all TUPE related cost will have to be absorbed into the c. £82K figure referenced in the spec?

A. TUPE related costs, including cost of seeking legal advice, can be included in the bid price.  However, please note that due to a review of forecast demand and recognition of implementation costs, the maximum funding available is now £90,000.


Applications closed at 4pm on 30th October.