Victim's Services Re-design


The Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) has been responsible for commissioning victims services since October 2014. In Thames Valley the annual victim’s grant from the Ministry of Justice has been used to provide:

      i.        A  referral mechanism with onward local support

     ii.        A young victims service

    iii.        Third- party reporting for hate crime 

   iv.        An Independent Sexual Violence Advisory (ISVA) service

    v.        A Victim – Led Restorative Justice service

   vi.        Specialist Counselling

  vii.        Domestic Violence - Complex Needs and Medium Risk Safety Planning

 viii.        The Willow Project -  service for victims of exploitation and other victim with complex needs


Re-design Project Stage 1

In 2017/18 the Office of the PCC went through a ‘Victim’s Services Re-design Project’ to: 

  • Bring to an end the existing ‘opt-out’ police referral mechanism and move to an opt-in (consent-based) model
  • Replace the Victim Assessment and Referral Centre with a Thames Valley based ‘Hub’ (‘Victim’s First’ hub) 

The Victims First Hub was launched in late March 2018 and is able to take referrals for and from any victim or witness who requires support, assess their needs and refer them to an appropriate service.


Re-design Project Stage 2

Our contract for specialist services are due to finish at the end of the March 2020. We wish to learn from and build on current arrangements and develop services to better meet the needs of victims, particularly, where there are gaps in current provision and to improve multi-agency approach.

With this in mind we are looking at re-designing our specialist services and creating an Adult Specialist Support Service as well as recommission our Young Victims Service.


Market Engagement Events

We want to engage with voluntary and community sector (VSC) organisations from the outset on the principles and outline approach. These events provide an opportunity to consult with Directors and Senior Managers of VCS providers and related services.


Frequently Asked Questions

1.  What would the TUPE requirements be for the new contract if it was awarded to a new supplier?

Regarding TUPE, although this is a matter between the out-going and in-coming provider, we are intending to take some legal advice about this which we will share with you all in due course.  However, based on our current knowledge of TUPE, we would suggest it is very likely to apply.  The reason we think that is that we see no reason why the current workforce would not be able to deliver the services required under the new arrangements.


2. What is the demographic breakdown of referrals into the Victims First Hub?

Please see tables below showing breakdown of cases that have come through to the Hub (and been successfully contacted and referred on) in the 6 month period 1st Oct 2018 to 31st Mar 2019:-



In addition, the gender breakdown into the Hub is currently 54% females and 46% male (a small number ‘indeterminate’ – note, this is a police category -  or failed to disclose). 


Market Engagement Events for previous commissioning 

For information on the engagement activities we carried out in 2017 visit our 'Market Engagement Events 2017' page



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