Victims Commissioning Performance

The Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) receives an annual grant from the Ministry of Justice to commission services for victims of crime. During 2017/18 the PCC spent his full grant allocation of £2.765m, which includes spending on the following services and benefits

  • Victim Support received £787,970 to provide mainstream advice and support to victims and witnesses of crime. They made 1,924 face-to-face visits to victims of crime.
  • Thames Valley Partnership received £275,756 for Restorative Justice, which  led to 115 restorative interventions or case conferences between victims and perpetrators.
  • Refuge received £313,387 to provide an Independent Sexual Violence Advisory (ISVA) service and have supported 451 people.
  • SAFE received £412,192 to provide a service to support young victims of crime. During the last year they supported 678 young victims, around 50% of whom were victims of sexual abuse.
  • Funding was provided for 3 county-based pilots to support domestic violence victims with complex needs. £97,627 was awarded to Berkshire Woman’s Aid; Smart CJS received £92,056 across Buckinghamshire and Milton Keynes, and Reducing the Risk received £93,332 to run the Oxfordshire pilot. A total of 372 individuals were supported by all of these services.
  • Through local authority community safety grants, additional domestic violence services were provided across the Thames Valley area at a value of £330,000.
  • Funding was provided for an independent trauma advisory service supporting victims of Modern Slavery and exploitation. Rahab provided the service in Berkshire and Buckinghamshire at a cost of £77,550 whilst Elmore provided the service in Oxfordshire at a cost of £24,000.
  • A modern slavery co-ordinator was recruited to work with local authorities and TVP during the year, costing £12,200.
  • A new network of specialist counsellors cost £28,442 and resulted in 167 adults and young people receiving counselling, particularly for victims of the greatest harm (sexual, domestic and violence).

The balance of the MoJ grant fund (£0.222 million) has been spent on other services for victims, including commissioning costs.

Details of previous years' funding can be found in the Annual Reports




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