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Victims Commissioning Performance

The Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) receives an annual grant from the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) to commission services for victims and witnesses of crime. During 2018/19 the PCC spent his full grant allocation of £2.765m to deliver the following services and benefits:

  • Our new Victims First hub opened on 1 April 2018 to act as a single point of contact for triage and referral to appropriate services for all victims across Thames Valley. This service cost £200,063 and received 5,194 valid referrals where successful contact was made with victims.
  • Thames Valley Partnership received £275,000 to provide an emotional support and advocacy service to 493 victims of crime.
  • Thames Valley Partnership received £199,508 to provide an exploitation and complex needs service to 232 vulnerable and exploited people.
  • Thames Valley Partnership received £145,280 for Restorative Justice, which has led to 111 potential case conferences between victims and perpetrators.
  • Refuge received £334, 818 to provide an Independent Sexual Violence Advisory (ISVA) service and has received 496 referrals between 1 April 2018 and 31 March 2019.
  • SAFE received £436,384 to provide a service to support young victims of crime. During the last year they have received 565 referrals into the service and supported 758 young victims.
  • Our new network of specialist counsellors cost £180,859 and resulted in 570 adults and young people receiving counselling.
  • Our domestic violence medium risk safety planning service was commissioned through local authorities. Oxfordshire County Council received £13,000 and managed 346 referrals, Buckinghamshire received £11,700 and managed 1,756 occurrences, MK Act received £13,700 and managed 1,638, Slough Borough Council received £15,600 and managed 1,363 occurrences and West Berkshire Council received £1,300 and managed 91 occurrences.
  • We commissioned a Domestic Violence complex need service from a range of providers across the Thames Valley. Berkshire Women’s Aid received £16,271 and received 99 referrals, Reducing the Risk received £16,325 and received 49 referrals, Oxfordshire County Council received £73,828 and received 38 referrals, SMART received £44,655 and received 37 referrals, Slough Council received £36,382 and received 42 referrals and West Berkshire Council received £48,799 and received 13 referrals.
  • £392,000 of local authority community safety spend was funded by the MoJ grant. This provided additional domestic violence services across the Thames Valley area.
  • We funded a modern slavery co-ordinator which cost £42,165.

The balance of the MoJ grant fund (£0.268 million) has been spent on supporting other services for victims, including commissioning costs.

Details of previous years' funding can be found in the Annual Reports.