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Young Victims

Support Service for Young Victims of Crime

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During our consultation and engagement stage of the commissioning process one of the areas that consistently arose as an area of need was support for young victims of crime. Although there were many organisations that supported young people the service available to those in need varied across the Thames Valley and there was a requirement for consistent support throughout Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire.

After significant consultation a specification for the service was created which included support for young people affected by emerging issues such as Child Sexual Exploitation, Domestic Abuse (in their own relationship) and those affected by Domestic Abuse in their home.

The service was tendered for in March 2015 and the three-year contract was awarded to SAFE! whose service was up and running in July 2015.

SAFE! have been supporting young people affected by crime in Oxfordshire for a number of years and this contract will now mean they will operate across Buckinghamshire and Berkshire as well. 

Who does the service support?

SAFE!  provides support to young victims of all crime (aged 8-17 years old) and their parents throughout Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Berkshire, with priority support given to young victims of sexual abuse and domestic abuse.

In response to the governments change in definition of domestic abuse the service offers support to 16 and 17 year old who have been direct victims of domestic abuse as well as young people who have been affected by domestic abuse in their home. 

SAFE! supports male and female victims of rape and sexual abuse up until the age of 15 and our Independent Sexual Violence Advisory (ISVA) Service then supports victims aged 16 and over. 

What support does the service offer?

Project Workers offer up to 6 sessions of individual targeted support to young people at a place they choose (typically at home, school or youth/ community centre), using protective behaviours and restorative approaches to aid them in their recovery. 

Contact SAFE!

If you would like refer yourself into the service or refer someone else you can do so here through the Victims First website. 

if you would like further information about the service, you can contact SAFE! by

Tel: 0800 133 7938




Further Information

Support Service for Young Victims of Crime Decision Paper

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