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APCC Lead for Performance

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Matthew Barber explains his role as APCC Lead for Performance as well as providing an update on his portfolio.

Video Transcript for APCC Lead for Performance

0:00 I think nothing is more important to the

0:02 public than performance in policing. So

0:04 the Performance Portfolio allows us to

0:06 get a real grip of how forces are

0:09 performing across the country, making

0:11 sure that we’re all speaking with one

0:13 version of the truth when we’re

0:14 comparing statistics between forces and

0:17 really driving performance to benefit

0:19 the public and drive down crime. One of

0:20 the great successes we’ve had in the

0:21 Performance Portfolio has been driving

0:23 the work of the Crime Police Performance

0:26 Board, which has been bringing together

0:27 all of that data from the Iinspectorate

0:30 from police forces and the Home Office

0:32 to make sure we have that one single

0:33 version of the truth, to make sure we can

0:35 focus performance and drive down crime

0:38 to benefit the public.

0:39 We’ve got a new Inspector of

0:40 Constabulary who’s just taken post, Andy

0:43 Cook, and we look forward to working

0:44 closely with him, to ensuring that the

0:47 work of the Inspectorate in challenging

0:49 forces allows Police and Crime

0:51 Commissioners to hold those Chief

0:52 Constables to account.