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Here you can see the number of complaints or conduct matters against the current PCC that have been brought to the attention of the Chief Executive of the OPCC as well as their status. 

Complaints against the PCC

YearNo of ComplaintsStatus
2023Six– One complaint was withdrawn.
– Four complaints were dismissed.
– One complaint was partially upheld with recommendations.
2022Four– Police and Crime Panel dismissed two complaints.
– One complaint was upheld by the Panel with two recommendations from the Panel.
– One complaint was upheld by the Panel with three recommendations from the Panel.
2021Three– Police and Crime Panel chose not to consider one complaint.
– One complaint was not upheld.
– One complaint was partially upheld

Complaints against the Deputy PCC

YearNo of ComplaintsStatus
2018One– Dismissed by the Police and Crime Panel.
2020Four– All four dismissed by the Police and Crime Panel.

Any complaints against the PCC or Deputy PCC from previous years can be viewed in our archive.