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Expenditure and expenses

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The Government’s Transparency agenda encourages local authorities to make public data openly available. Our Office publishes information detailing joint spending over £500.

Details of the preceding month’s information is published on this page after the relevant month end.

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First Class Rail Travel

This table shows all First Class rail travel paid for by Thames Valley Police. Under Police Regulation 35, Annex V, para 4, “a member of a police force of the rank of superintendent or above who is required to travel by train in the execution of his[/her] duty shall be entitled to travel in first-class accommodation and to be reimbursed his[/her] expenses accordingly.”

Traveller NameRankTotalRealised SavingsPotential SavingsPolicy CompliantTicket TypeService ClassTrip TypeReason for TravelNon Compliant Booking Reason TrainsComment
Colin PaineC/Supt£747.90£0.00£0.00NON_COMPLIANTAnytime Return (1st Class)First – FirstReturnATTENDING TRAININGNeed More Flexible TicketReasonable Adjustment
Sarah GrahameC/Supt£105.40£189.55£52.25COMPLIANTAdvance Single (1st Class)FirstSingleATTENDING TRAINING
Sarah GrahameC/Supt£105.40
£189.55£52.25COMPLIANTAdvance Single (1st Class)FirstSingleATTENDING TRAINING

Value for Money

The Corporate Governance Framework, including financial regulations and contract standing orders, are designed to ensure that the PCC and the Chief Constable are able to discharge their obligations with regard to achieving value for money.

The Value for Money Strategy sets out the holistic strategy of the PCC and Chief Constable to achieve value for money.

Read more on the Joint Corporate Governance Framework 2022-23.


Below is information on the expenses claimed by the Police and Crime Commissioner (Matthew Barber):

For previous years expenditure and expenses, please visit our archive.