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Crime Prevention Fund: Invitation to Quote for An in-class tech-based behavioural intervention

The Police & Crime Commissioner for Thames Valley is seeking to utilise up to £60,000 per annum of his Crime Prevention Fund to see behavioural interventions delivered in schools. This is an invitation for a single quote to deliver interventions into schools over a three year period (with option to extend).


The Office of the PCC has seen the value of working not just with schools, but in schools. We are keen to support teachers to have the tools to have rich and effective conversations with their classes, as capable guardians of the students in their care. We want to help build capacity and capability within the education sector

The focus of our interest is in how young people from Year 5 (aged 9-10 years) through to Year 8 (aged 12-13 years) understand the value and power of relationships (peers, adults, family and people less familiar to them). We also recognise the importance of letting young people investigate the impact of these relationships on their behaviour, their social and emotional skills and their life outcomes. Research has revealed that young people are battling relationship challenges such as reduced family time, less consistent positive support networks and role models (due to influential figures often being virtual) and a safe environment (digital and real) to explore and navigate things like adolescence, resilience and risk.

The subject areas we are interested in are exploitation (such as county lines involvement and related violence) and violence against women and girls (VAWG).

To apply

Further information can be found on the Cabinet Office site Find A Grant

To apply, please download the full documentation and application details.

Closing date: 27 October 2023, 11:59pm

ITQ Quote timetable

  • 2.2 Date of Issue of ITQ to all Bidders 28/09/2023
  • 2.3 Latest date/time ITQ clarification questions should be received. 13/10/2023 12 00
  • 2.4 Latest date/time ITQ clarification answers should be sent to all potential Bidders by the Buyer 17/10/203 18 00
  • 2.5 Latest date/time ITQ Bid shall be received 27/10/2023 12 00
  • 2.6 Anticipated Award Notification Date 03/11/2023 (estimated)
  • 2.7 Anticipated Call Off Contract Start Date 20/11/2023
  • 2.8 Anticipated Call Off Contract End Date 60 months
  • 2.9 Bid Validity Period 90 Days from the date specified in 2.5 above

Community Safety

Investigating and enforcing crime is not the only, nor the best approach to making communities safer.  The police cannot cut crime on their own. Effective partnership working is essential. The PCC works with other local leaders to improve outcomes for communities and make sure that local resources are used efficiently and effectively. There are 12 Community Safety Partnerships (CSPs) that bring together key partners at local council levels and they form a bedrock of delivery on crime reduction and prevention.

CSPs consist of five ‘responsible authorities’ – police, local authority, fire and rescue authority, probation provider and Integrated Care Boards (ICB) and are under a duty to assess local community safety issues and draw up a partnership plan setting out their priorities.

 Community Safety Fund

The Community Safety Fund (CSF) is a direct grant from the PCC to Local Authorities to support some of the local CSP priorities of the CSPs.

In the current financial year (2022/23) the PCC allocation to each local authority is as follows:

Local Authority2022/23 | £
Milton Keynes259,015
West Berkshire153,588
Windsor and Maidenhead147,397

Other grant funding

Safer Streets

£1.67 million Home Office funding secured for initiatives to tackle violence against women and girls (VAWG) and anti-social behaviour.

Restart Thames Valley

Over £600k secured from the Ministry of Justice Local Leadership and Integration Fund for a one year pilot programme. Restart Thames Valley is a partnership programme to develop solutions to the challenges faced by people leaving prison in a bid to reduce reoffending.

STAR (Science, Technology and Research)

£400k awarded from the STAR (Science, Technology, Analysis and Research) Fund towards technology and data to help prevent crime.

Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence funding

£4.4m of Ministry of Justice funding secured over 3 years to support victims of domestic abuse and sexual violence. Read more in our press release (link)

The OPCC also manages the Community Fund (previously known as the Police Property Act Fund) which supports voluntary and community groups that help to prevent crime and keep communities safe. To find out more visit our Community Fund page.

Homicide Prevention Fund

£200,000 of Home Office funding secured to to implement an early intervention support programme for under 18’s in Slough who are arrested for knife/weapon related offences.