Police and Crime Plan

The Police and Crime Plan is created and published by the Police and Crime Commissioner and outlines his priorities for the area and how he will work with partners to achieve them.

What is the Police and Crime Plan?

The Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) has produced a Police and Crime Plan for the Thames Valley which covers the term he is in office.

Under the Police Reform and Social Responsibility Act 2011 the PCC must produce a Police and Crime Plan which sets out the Commissioner's strategic police and crime objectives for the Thames Valley with regard to:

  • the policing of the area;
  • crime and disorder reduction, and
  • the discharge by Thames Valley of its national or international functions

The Plan must also cover:

  • The policing of Thames Valley which the Chief Constable is to provide
  • The financial and other resources which the Commissioner is to provide to the Chief Constable
  • The means by which the Chief Constable will report to the Commissioner on the provision of policing
  • The means by which the Chief Constable's performance in providing policing is measured
  • The crime and disorder reduction grants which the Commissioner is to make, and the conditions (if any) of those grants

The Plan draws upon a wide range of information from the police, community safety and criminal justice partners to ensure it reflects the police and crime issues which are affecting the Thames Valley. It also covers a much wider range of service responsibilities than any plan previously developed by the police, community safety partnerships (CSPs) or any other individual community safety responsible authority. The Plan will bring together the priorities of all agencies and authorities with a responsibility for cutting crime and improving community safety.

The PCC has the option to update or refresh his Plan on a yearly basis to take into account any emerging issues. The Thames Valley Police and Crime Plan was updated in 2014.


How will the PCC monitor the delivery of the Police and Crime Plan?

Each relevant agency produces their own annual service delivery plan which will include jointly agreed corresponding actions, measures of success and delivery 'milestones' as appropriate. For example Thames Valley Police will continue to develop in consultation with the PCC its own internal annual Delivery Plan which will reflect the strategic policing objectives contained in the PCC's Police and Crime Plan. 


Police and Crime Plan Documents

Police and Crime Plan 2013- 2017 (2014 refresh)

Police and Crime Plan Summary (2014 refresh)

Police and Crime Plan 2013 - 2017

Police and Crime Plan 2013 - 2017 Summary


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