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The Budget book is the Police and Crime Commissioner’s (PCC) published plan of all expected income and expenditure for the financial year

What does the Budget  book do?

The budget book shows, in financial terms, what the PCC intends to do for the next and following financial years.

It contains a detailed summary of the income we expect to get from central government, local tax payers and other sources such as special grants - along with a breakdown of how much we expect to spend and on what.

Planning for the future

The PCC and Chief Constable must consider future spending pressures upon the organisation and plan ahead.

For this reason the Budget book also shows a longer-term view of the PCC’s finances and includes a medium term (3 or 4 year) revenue forecast and a medium term (3 or 4 year) capital programme.

You can also view historical budget books from the Thames Valley Police Authority. 

Police Precept

The Police and Crime Commissioner for Thames Valley is responsible for setting the local police ‘precept’ – the amount people pay through their council tax for policing.

Below you can see the report from the Police and Crime Panel and the Police and Crime Commissioner's response: