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Council Tax Leaflets

The Police and Crime Commissioner produces a leaflet to provide council taxpayers with information about where their money is going to be spent.

This leaflet, which is delivered to households in the Thames Valley, also explains why there is going to be an increase or decrease in the police portion of the council tax.

You will find this year's leaflet and frequently asked questions below:

Council Tax leaflet 2020/21

Council Tax Frequently Asked Questions 2020/21


Council Tax Leaflet 2019/20

Frequently Asked Questions 2019/20

Council Tax Precept Survey Results

You can find full details of the budget in our budget book

Police Precept

The Police and Crime Commissioner for Thames Valley is responsible for setting the local police ‘precept’ – the amount people pay through their council tax for policing. Below you can see the report from the Police and Crime Panel and the Police and Crime Commissioner's response.

Police and Crime Panel Precept Report 20/21

PCC's letter to the Police and Crime Panel 20/21