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Local Criminal Justice Board

Local Criminal Justice Boards (LCJBs) bring together criminal justice organisations at police force area level to support joint working and improve services.

The purpose and vision of the LCJB is to reduce crime, harm and risk by increasing the efficiency and credibility of the Criminal Justice System. By working in partnership, the board aims to improve services to the public with the minimum costs, supported by the best available evidence.

The PCC Matthew Barber currently chairs the Thames Valley LCJB and is working with them to reduce re-offending and improve the experience for victims and witnesses.

In the Thames Valley the LCJB consists of:

Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC)

Thames Valley Police

Thames and Chiltern Crown Prosecution Services (CPS)

Her Majesty's Courts and Tribunals Service (HMCTS)

Thames Valley Probation 

Thames Valley Community Rehabilitation Company

Her Majesty's Prison Service

Youth Offending Service

Legal Aid Agency

The Board is further supported by the Witness Service and Health (Public Health England and NHS England).


Priorities and Delivery 2019-20 


The board will meet 5 times a year to review performance and to consider and approve any new initiatives.

Priorities are determined on an annual basis and have been agreed to be:

  • Delivering improvements in performance across the Criminal Justice System (CJS), particularly with regard to increasing the proportion of effective trials.
  • Identifying and creating efficiencies across the CJS including the delivery of digital working by all agencies and working with as little paper as possible.
  • Improving victim and witness satisfaction - putting people at the centre of the CJS.
  • Supporting the principle of facilitating the required Criminal Justice processes necessary to make Restorative Justice a timely, safe and efficient intervention in order to reduce re-offending and the risk of repeat victimisation.
  • Reducing Re-offending – reducing crime, harm and risk by removing adult and youth offenders from the CJS, especially through the use of Integrated Offender Management.
  • Improving access to health provision for offenders and reducing health inequalities.
  • Supporting Children and Young People who are going through the CJS and increasing diversion from it, where appropriate.

The board has several delivery groups, consisting of strategic and operational agency leads. The groups will be responsible for delivery of improved performance, achieving the priorities in their area of business through strong leadership, management and supervision.

You can view the Thames Valley Local Criminal Justice Board Strategy here