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PCC responds on 'target setting'

In response to wider national publicity around the role of Police and Crime Commissioners (PCCs) setting performance measures, Thames Valley PCC, Anthony Stansfeld, today said:

“I am not a massive fan of setting targets but I do believe that having a number of key targets is necessary to monitor the progress of the force and hold the Chief Constable to account.

“Setting targets has worked well in the past for Thames Valley Police so when creating my  Police and Crime Plan I felt it was important to set reasonable targets on some of my main priorities.

“My priorities were based on both what the public told me was important to them as well as evidence-based analysis which allows us to look at what has been learnt in the past and the demands of the present; our anticipation of future criminal behaviour and our requirements to respond effectively and I want to ensure that these priorities are successfully tackled.”

The process for establishing this is set out in my 2013-2017 Police and Crime Plan: