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Police Officer recruitment on-track to meet national target

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Thames Valley Police continues its Police Officer recruitment activity and is on-track to achieve its allocated numbers, as part of the 20,000 National Police Uplift Programme recruitment campaign, which closes in March 2023.  

To date, the force has recruited 522 of the 609 officers allocated via the national programme, recruiting more women than ever before, with over 43% of new recruits over the last 3 years (Oct 2019 – 24 Aug 2022) being women. 

This achievement contributes to the national milestone that the Home Office acknowledged on Wednesday (26/10), with more than 50,000 women officers now serving communities across England and Wales, the highest number since records began.  

Thames Valley Police Chief Constable John Campbell said: “A diverse workforce is an important part of our operational effectiveness and is an essential element in maintaining public trust in policing all of our communities.  

“Attracting people from a range of backgrounds brings knowledge, expertise and insight and helps us to build stronger relationships with the public, enabling us to serve and protect them more effectively.  

“We remain encouraged by the fact that more women and Black, Asian and minority ethnic communities are applying to join us, to enjoy a fantastic career and make a difference to their communities.” 

Over the last three years, on average, over 11% of our new Police Officer recruits are from ethnically diverse communities.  

Recruiting now for Police Officers and Detectives:  

Thames Valley Police (TVP) is actively looking for people to ‘be the difference they want to see’ in their communities.  

We are looking for resilient individuals whose first instinct is to help and support others; the problem solvers and solution-finders, those calm under pressure, who ask questions and are curious, but are also approachable, with a natural ability to communicate with people from all walks of life. 

The starting salary for all new recruits is £29,682 (which includes £3,000 South-East allowance). On the current system, officers can expect to be earning a salary in excess of £43,000 plus the £3,000 South East Allowance by your seventh year in the job. 

Join us as a Police Officer:  

Thames Valley Police offers entry routes to those interested in becoming a Police Officer for both those with or without a degree. 

If you do not hold a degree, but would like to attain one, then you can apply for our Police Constable Degree Apprenticeship (PCDA) entry route, this three-year programme of initial learning ensures that officers foundation learning is accredited with a Degree in Professional Policing Practice upon successful completion. Our PCDA entry route is also open for applications.   

If you are a degree-holder, the force is also currently accepting applications for our two-year Police Constable – Degree Holder Entry Programme (PC-DHEP).  

As a Police Officer, once confirmed in post you have a variety of career opportunities and specialisms available that will enable you to realise your career potential.  From an initial start on Incident & Crime Response (ICR), options open up to include an investigative career as a Detective (Child Abuse Investigation, Domestic Abuse Investigation, CID, Major Crime, Family Liaison Officer), Firearms, Dog handler, Mounted section, Counter Terrorism, Surveillance, Drone Pilot, Rural Crime, Roads Policing, Public Order, Negotiator, Intelligence and many more. 

Ready to apply today to become a Police Officer? To learn more and to apply via the entry route best suited for you, please visit: www.tvpcareers.co.uk/police-officer 

Join us as a Detective:  

If you have a degree, you can now join Thames Valley Police’s direct to Detective Constable entry programme. 

This entry route allows those with a degree to complete a two-year graduate diploma focused on developing their skills to investigate serious and complex crimes.  

At the end of this intensive two-year programme, student detectives will be accredited with a Level 6 Graduate Diploma in Professional Policing Practice, along with a Level 2 Professionalising Investigation Programme (PIP2) Accreditation from the College of Policing, which is nationally recognised with a number of law enforcement agencies.  

Graduates of the programme will be qualified Detective Constables and will be posted to an investigative role, such as a Local Policing Area Priority Crime Team, Local CID or Domestic Abuse Investigation Unit.  

Detective Inspector Peter Scott, Investigative Skills Department at the Thames Valley Police Training Centre, an officer with 23 years’ service, said: “Policing is the best career in the world; the breadth of what you can do is unrivalled. This programme offers a pathway for individuals who may not be attracted to uniform policing but want to serve their community to become a fully accredited detective in just two years”.  

Ready to apply today to become a Detective? To learn more and to apply, please visit: https://tvpcareers.co.uk/roles/police-officer/detective-constable/  

Thames Valley Police proud to offer military resettlement

TVP is proud to offer a second career to those who have previously served with Her Majesty’s Forces. Veterans bring a wealth of transferrable skills and experience that are important in policing, such as discipline, mental resilience, physical robustness, and motivation as well as the perseverance to keep going through difficult situations.  

From 1 November 2022, military Veterans transitioning into a policing career with TVP will be supported with a one-off resettlement payment of £2,500 paid into their first month’s pay. Find out more on our Military Resettlement page:  https://tvpcareers.co.uk/roles/police-officer/military-resettlement/