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PCC welcomes recruitment of additional police officers

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Thames Valley has benefited from 368 additional police officers in less than three years, new numbers from the Government have confirmed.

Matthew Barber has welcomed the announcement that 368 police officers have been recruited in Thames Valley since September 2019 as part of the national Uplift Programme. 

This brings the total number of officers up to 4,618 by the end of March 2022. 

The latest figures show that Thames Valley Police now have more police officers than ever before, as numbers have passed the previous high in 2010. 

As part of the Home Office’s Uplift programme, an additional 20,000 police officers will be recruited across all police forces in England by 2023. 

Welcoming the announcement, Matthew said: “As part of my Police & Criminal Justice Plan, I am looking to deliver even more police officers for Thames Valley to help tackle crime in local communities. 

“The additional 368 police officers recruited, as part of the Uplift programme, will help to cut crime across Thames Valley, reassuring our communities that it is a safe place to live. 

“Recruitment continues across the Force. You can find out more about joining Thames Valley Police at tvpcareers.co.uk.”