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The Do the Right Thing campaign encourages men to recognise sexual harassment and misogynistic behaviour from others and give them the confidence to call it out when they witness it.

Video Transcript for Do The Right Thing

0:02 What if someone shares an explicit photo?

0:05 What if your mate won’t take no for an answer?

0:10 What if someone tells a rape  joke?

0:14 Or is a creep on a night out?

0:18 Mute the chat?

0:19 Ignore it?

0:21 Do you look the other way?

0:26 Get the message.

0:30 Get educated.

0:34 Tell him that’s not on.

0:39 Do you stand back?

0:40 Or do you step up?

0:42 Sexual violence needs to end.

0:45 Do you think it’s up to women?

0:46 Or do you think it’s up to us?

0:48 Discover how to do the right thing

0:53 Do the right thing.

0:56 Do the right thing.

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