Officers talking to smiling PCC Matthew Barber

Launch of Op Deter

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Matthew Barber announces the launch of Operation Deter in Thames Valley.

Video transcript for Launch of Op Deter

0:00 We’ve seen a number of tragic incidents in Milton Keynes

0:03 and across Thames Valley

0:05 where young people have lost their lives.

0:07 I’m determined to do what I can

0:09 to stamp out the culture of knife carrying

0:11 in all of our communities

0:13 and that’s why I’m working

0:15 with Thames Valley Police to launch Op Deter.

0:17 A tough approach to dealing with those

0:19 who carry knives on our streets.

0:20 the great successes we’ve had in the

0:21 – 0:45 Music