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Op Deter update

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Update on Operation Deter from Matthew Barber, Police and Crime Commissioner for Thames Valley.

Video transcript for Op Deter update

0:00 Last month, I launched Operation Deter,

0:03 Thames Valley’s new approach to dealing with knife crime.

0:06 Beginning here in Milton Keynes, we’ve seen a

0:08 significant increase in the number of arrests

0:10 for knife enabled offences which has seen

0:13 more people charged, remanded, and brought to justice.

0:15 All sending out that message that if you choose

0:17 to carry a knife, you will feel the consequences.

0:20 These processes will be rolled out across the rest of the

0:22 Thames Valley shortly along with phase two in

0:24 Milton Keynes which will see an early

0:26 intervention programme in place for those under

0:29 Find out more by clicking the link below.