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Role of the Police and Crime Commissioner

The Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) aims to cut crime and to deliver an effective and efficient police service in Thames Valley. He does this by holding the chief constable to account on behalf of local people.

Matthew Barber was elected as the PCC for Thames Valley in May 2021.  As PCC he has a duty to:

  • Hold the Chief Constable to account for policing
  • Scrutinise, support and challenge performance
  • Publish and regularly update a police and crime plan
  • Set the force budget and policing precept element of the council tax
  • Commission services and award grants
  • Engage with communities
  • Appoint, and where necessary dismiss, the Chief Constable

In addition to the response to local need, the PCC must also contribute to responding to national and regional criminal activity and threats. The five national threats set out by the Home Secretary in the Strategic Policing Requirement (2012) are public order, counter terrorism, civil contingencies, serious organised crime and cyber incidents.

Police and Crime Plan

One of the first duties of the PCC is to publish a Police and Crime Plan which is a five-year plan setting out the strategic priorities and direction for crime and policing across the Thames Valley.  In addition, the PCC also publishes an Annual Report here outlining achievements and progress against the Plan and how he has exercised his role.

Working in partnership

A key part of the PCCs role is to work with partners including Community Safety Partnerships (CSPs) through the Community Safety Fund and criminal justice partners to achieve the shared objective of tackling crime, the causes of crime, and supporting victims and offenders.  

In carrying out his role the PCC is required to engage with communities, ensuring that the views and concerns of the general public and victims of crime are considered.  We are interested to hear your views so to find out how you can help shape the direction of policing,  please visit the Get Involved pages. 


The actions, decisions and performance of the PCC will be scrutinised by the Police and Crime Panel for the Thames Valley. You can find out more information on the panel by visiting the Police and Crime Panel page.

You can also visit the collaboration page to find out about partnership working between Thames Valley Police and partner organisations.

Guidance on Compliance- The Role, Remit and Conduct of the PCC

The OPCC for Thames Valley have produced guidance to ensure clarity and transparency when the PCC is acting in his respective roles as the PCC for Thames Valley.

Leaflet and video

You can read more on the role of the Police and Crime Commissioner by downloading the infographic leaflet.

Below is a video which explains the role of the Police and Crime Commissioner in the Thames Valley: