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PCC urges residents to share views on crime and policing

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Matthew Barber, Police & Crime Commissioner for Thames Valley, has today (15/9) shared the latest results from his ongoing local survey

Since launching in November 2022, over 8,700 Thames Valley residents have responded to a local crime survey which provides an opportunity to share experiences and have a say in how policing services are shaped. The information provided informs the Police and Crime Commissioner on his efforts to tackle crime, improve communication and invest funding in local policing.

These latest results reaffirm the previous survey feedback published at the end of June.

The results show that residents continue to:

  • Have a high level of trust in Thames Valley Police (76% of 5,738 respondents).
  • Feel safe being alone out and about near where they live in daylight hours (86% of 7,261 respondents)
  • Feel safe in their own home (89% of 7,217 respondents)
  • Identify speeding or reckless / dangerous driving as their most experienced crime type

Results from the local crime survey also show that 18% (of 6,259 respondents) were victims of crime with 64% of victims reporting it to the police.

Matthew Barber said: “I remain committed to strengthening local policing and building the trust and confidence of communities, and a key way to help achieve this is to listen to the views of local residents.

“I am pleased to see that the latest results from my crime survey highlight how the majority of respondents continue to have a high level of support for Thames Valley Police and that they continue to feel safe in their community, but I want to hear from as many people as possible.

“My office is carrying out a range of activities to engage with residents, and has recently attended a number of events including the White Horse Country Show, Bucks County Show and Thames Valley Police Open Day.  Here, we have had the chance to speak directly with people about the issues most affecting them and promote the importance of completing my ongoing local crime survey as an opportunity to have a say on policing across Thames Valley.

“The survey will remain open all year round, and we are keen to achieve a greater response from groups which are currently less represented in our data (including young people and people from ethnic minority communities). We have been working with community organisations including libraries, parish councils and community centres to promote the survey through posters and digital materials.  

“Whether you have directly experienced a crime or not, I would encourage you to use this survey to share any feedback you have.”

To complete the ongoing local crime survey, please visit: