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Matthew Barber, Police and Crime Commissioner for Thames Valley, has today shared results from his ongoing local crime survey which is seeking resident’s views on local crime and policing across Thames Valley

Since launching in November 2022, over 8,000 Thames Valley residents have responded to a local crime survey which provides an opportunity to share experiences and have a say in how policing services are shaped. The information provided is already helping to inform the Police and Crime Commissioner in his efforts to tackle crime, improve communication and invest funding.

The local crime survey asks a series of questions about feeling safe in your area, as well as details of local crime issues and victim support.

Results from the survey¹ show that over 76% (of 5,452 respondents) have a high level of trust for their local police force. In addition, results from the survey highlight that:

  • 86% (of 6,894 respondents) felt safe being alone out and about near where they live in daylight hours
  • 88.9% (of 6,856 respondents) feel safe in their own home
  • 17.5% (of 5,951 respondents) were victims of crime with 63.8% of victims reporting to the police

The three crimes experienced most often by respondents were as follows:

  • 1) Speeding or reckless / dangerous driving
  • 2) Criminal damage / graffiti / fly-tipping
  • 3) Fraud / scams / rogue traders (including online)

The three crimes that respondents felt were an issue in their area were as follows:

  • 1) Speeding or reckless / dangerous driving
  • 2) Criminal damage / graffiti / fly-tipping
  • 3) Drug dealing

The majority of respondents said that all crime should be reported to the police, but one third of those who had been a victim did not report it to the police. The survey has also highlighted that respondents wanted to see more community policing and ongoing support for victims.

Matthew Barber said: “Today’s results from my ongoing local crime survey highlight how residents across the Thames Valley currently feel about crime, the work of Thames Valley Police and the support currently provided to victims of crime.

“I am pleased to see a high level of support for the work of Thames Valley Police and also that residents generally feel safe in their community.

“I know that people want to see more police officers out and about in their communities dealing with neighbourhood crime and issues, such as anti-social behaviour. Strengthening local policing is a key element of my Crimefighters strategy. With over 5,000 officers now serving our communities, a further 150 officers will be allocated to neighbourhood policing roles in 2023/24.

“I’m also encouraged that the survey results show that people agree on the importance of reporting crime. To help people do this more easily, and improve the communication between the force and victims, I am investing in technology which will improve the way that victims are updated on their case, as well as investing to reduce the wait times when people call 101. The information police receive from the public is essential.

“The survey will continue to be open all year and I will be out at events and in communities over the summer and beyond, talking to people directly. I am seeking views from communities across the Thames Valley, and will be working to achieve a greater response from groups currently less represented in the data such as young people and people from ethnic minority communities.

“The survey is so important in understanding residents’ experiences and feelings about crime and policing, and I will also be sharing the data with local authorities and key partners who work with us to identify and tackle concerns and issues around community safety. 

“Whether or not you have directly experienced a crime, I would encourage you to use the survey to share your feedback and tell me what is important to you. Your views will help shape the future of policing in the Thames Valley.”

Over 7,000 respondents provided a postcode. 2779 of these responded for Berkshire (6 local areas), 1944 for Oxfordshire (4 local areas), and 1532 for Buckinghamshire along with an additional 852 for Milton Keynes.

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