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About the 2024 Elections

Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) elections for England and Wales take place on Thursday 2nd May 2024.

The normal term of office for the PCC elected in May 2024 is four years. Accordingly, the term of office of the current PCC runs until Wednesday 8th May 2024 and the new PCC’s term will run from Thursday 9th May 2024.

A video from the Association of Police and Crime Commissioners (APCC) setting out some helpful information relating to the PCC elections in the Thames Valley area can be viewed below:

Police Area Returning Officer (PARO)

The overall responsibility for the conduct of the election will sit with the designated PARO as set out in the Police Reform and Social Responsibility Act (2011).

They are responsible for giving notice of the election, managing the nomination process, overseeing the conduct of the poll, as well as the calculation and declaration of the result.

The Minister of State of the Cabinet Office has formally designated West Berkshire Council to provide the appropriate PARO to conduct the 2024 PCC election for the police area of Thames Valley.

The PARO for the Thames Valley Police area as a whole is Nigel Lynn. For candidate and agent queries relating to the PCC elections, please email paro@westberks.gov.uk 

You can find out how to stand as a candidate in the Police and Crime Commissioner Elections by viewing the guidance on the Electoral Commission website.

Key dates for the PCC election

22 March 2024Publication of notice of PCC election (pre-election period begins)
25 March to 5 April 2024Nomination period for PCC candidates
8 April 2024Publication of statement of persons nominated for PCC election
16 & 19 April 2024Candidate one to one briefings with OPCC Chief of Staff and Chief Finance Officer (timings tbc)
16 April 2024Registration deadline
17 April 2024Postal / Postal Proxy deadline
24 April 2024Proxy deadline
25 April 2024 Nominated candidates group familiarisation briefing with OPCC and Thames Valley Police. Timing: 13:00- 17:00
2 May 2024Polling day
3 May 2024Verification of all ballot papers
4 May 2024Count and declaration of result
8 May 2024Term of incumbent PCC ceases
9 May 2024Newly elected PCC takes office

Candidate briefing pack

As part of the 2024 PCC Elections, the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner (OPCC) for Thames Valley has produced a detailed candidate briefing pack, which includes details on the areas below:

• Background and key dates

• Role of the Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC)

• Role of the Chief of Staff, Chief Finance Officer and the OPCC

• Details of the Violence Prevention Partnership (VPP)

• Role of the Police and Crime Panel

• Corporate Governance Arrangements

• Budgets and Finance

• Service Commissioning snapshot

• Grants and funding

• Role of the Chief Constable

• Details about Thames Valley Police

• National Bodies

For further details, please download a copy of the candidate briefing pack (PDF).

The Police Digital Service have curated cyber security advice to provide awareness, advice, and recommendations to nominated Police Crime Commissioners participating in elections across the UK in May 2024. Further details can be found by downloading a copy of the document (PDF).

The National Protective Security Authority have produced the below video regarding the safety and security of candidates for forthcoming elections:

National Protective Security Authority video

PCC candidates

Name of Candidate
Matthew Barber Conservative
Tim Bearder Liberal Democrats
Russell Fowler Independent
Ben Holden-Crowther Independent
Tim Starkey Labour and Co-operative Party

Information on the candidates standing for election in the Thames Valley will be published on the Choose My PCC website. You will also be able to download a PDF booklet of the candidate details.

For further details, please visit the Choose My PCC website.

Information requests during the election

The Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner (OPCC) is a non-political, impartial organisation which exists to support the work of the elected Police and Crime Commissioner. The role of the OPCC in any election (PCC, local or general) is to remain impartial and fair.

Candidates can request information from the OPCC to assist them. To ensure all candidates have access to the same information, all information disclosed (including under Freedom of Information) will be recorded here.

On this page, we will log all requests for information made by candidates. We will also log all responses given to candidates by the OPCC.

Freedom of Information (FOI) requests

Anyone has the right to request information from the OPCC subject to the exemptions listed in the Freedom of Information Act 2000.

For more information on Freedom of Information (FOI) and FOI requests, please visit the FOI webpage.

Access to information for candidates

The Association of Police and Crime Commissioners (APCC) advises that all public information on policing should be available equally to all candidates.

The OPCC will publish all information provided to candidates in the following table:

Date requestedInformation requestInformation provided
10 January 2024FOI request from potential candidate: Data requests for info on website costs,
PR and advertising, OPCC staff costs and salaries, Victims First Hub referral data
FOI 0342
23 January 2024FOI request from potential candidate: A number of data requests relating to staffing,
budgets, complaints, appeals
FOI 0424
Continuation document
22 February 2024Request for information on costs at the OPCC
FOI 0724
FOI 0724 part 2
27 February 2024Request from potential candidate for a briefing on Violence Against Women and Girls
(VAWG ) issues
Briefings can be arranged once
candidates are confirmed
8 April 2024Request for summary documents of:
– Key performance measures of the Chief Constable and Thames Valley Police: crimes reported, attended, processed with outputs and a breakdown into crime types;
– Referrals to Professional Standards Department from the public and from within force and outcomes; recruitment/resignations/dismissals etc.

What benchmarking reports against other forces are in existence?
The opportunity to ask questions will be given at the familiarisation event being held by TVP and OPCC.
There are regular Performance and Accountability meetings with TVP, which the elected PCC chairs and asks pertinent questions about Force performance. We do also monitor performance against other Forces. Benchmarking data can be found via Police.uk.
At the familiarisation event, there will be an outline of the approach to scrutiny both from an OPCC and an independent scrutiny perspective. Page 10 of the briefing pack includes information on the work of the Joint Independent Audit committee who also provide independent scrutiny on behalf of the PCC and Chief Constable.
The briefing pack follows national guidance and aims to be as helpful as possible in the information provided, however, for ease of reference here is a link to the TVP Performance and Accountability Meeting April 2024. There are also detailed statistics published on the TVP website.

Make a request for information

Candidates who would like further information should contact Gillian Ormston (Chief of Staff) by emailing PCCElection2024@thamesvalley.police.uk.