Research and Reports

The OPCC has carried out a range of research and commissioned reports to help inform is commissioning process.

Domestic Abuse

 Commissioning Domestic Abuse Services - Report to the Thames Valley PCC

 Commissioning Domestic Abuse Services - Report to the Thames Valley PCC (Executive Summary)


Counselling service

Two pieces of PCC commissioned research and two workshops with key stakeholders have been undertaken to help inform the proposed ‘Counselling Hub’ for victims of crime in Thames Valley. The commissioned research led to the following reports:-

Gell, F & Shackman, J (April 2015) Developing Capacity across the Thames Valley for Specialist Counselling for victims of crime who are refugees, asylum-seekers, vulnerable migrants, or from black and minority ethnic groups with little or no English, Produced on behalf of Refugee Resource.

Circles South East (May 2015) A Feasibility Study: A Referral and Triage Model for Victims of Crime in the Thames Valley who require Access to Counselling Services.


Modern Slavery

Calculating the Extent of Modern Slavery in the Thames Valley


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