Thames Valley Commissioning

The PCC has now commissioned a number of services to support victims of crime across Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire. This includes an overarching 'Victims Assessment and Referral Centre' commissioned regionally and a number of local specialist support services.

Victims Assessment and Referral Centre (Regional Commissioning)

The PCCs for Thames Valley, Surrey and Sussex worked together in a consortium to commission a 'non specialist' service for the three areas. This 'non-specialist' service includes both a referral mechanism and onward support and the contract also extends to witnesses and close relatives of the victim.

The main function of the provider is to receive referrals from individuals, police forces and other organisations and make contact with the victim and assess their needs. The provider then refers those victims requiring further support to other agencies, volunteers and/ or specialist services.


Specialist Support Services (Local Commissioning)

After extensive consultation with the voluntary sector, statutory agencies and victims of crime, specifications for the below services were created and have now been commissioned or funded by the PCC in the Thames Valley.

Thames Valley wide commissioned services:

  • Third Party Reporting Mechanism for Hate Crime
  • Young Victims Service
  • Independent Sexual Violence Advisory (ISVA)  Service 
  • Victim-Led Restorative Justice (RJ) Service

Grant - based pilot services:

  • Specialist Support Service for Victims of Domestic Abuse with Complex Needs (18 month county based pilots)
  • Independent Trauma Advisory (ITA) Service for Exploitation / Slavery (2 year pilot in Oxfordshire and Reading)

Under - Development and previously provided grant funding:

  • Counselling Hub

PCC Commissioned support for victims

Addtional Information and Contact Us

Contract Management Strategy   - This document outlines our key principles for contract management and the process we follow. It also contains information on performance reporting and our governance arrangements.

For more information please contact us by using our victim service contact form.

Background information on the commissioning process can be found on our 'Commissioning Process' page.


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