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PCC marks 100 days in office

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Matthew Barber reflects on his first 100 days since being elected as Police and Crime Commissioner for Thames Valley.

Video Transcript for PCC marks 100 days in office

0:00 [Music]

0:05 Today marks 100 days since my election

0:07 as Thames Valley Police and Crime

0:09 Commissioner and it’s an absolute

0:10 privilege to serve the public across

0:12 Thames Valley to ensure that we deliver

0:14 safer communities for everyone. It’s been

0:16 a busy time getting in place my police

0:18 and criminal justice plan which sets out

0:20 my priorities for Thames Valley Police.

0:22 Recruitment continues at pace in Thames

0:24 Valley and we now have more police

0:25 officers than ever before and the drive

0:28 to get more police on the streets will


0:31 [Music]

0:35 I want to build momentum on those

0:37 priorities to make sure that I can

0:38 deliver for the public who elected me. I

0:41 spent that time meeting with victims of

0:43 crime partner organisations and spending

0:45 time on the front line with police

0:46 officers to understand the challenges

0:48 that they face and ensure that together

0:50 we can build safer communities.

0:52 You can find out more about my plan and

0:54 the work that I’m doing on your behalf

0:56 at

1:01 [Music]