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Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner

The Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner support the PCC in his role.

A small OPCC staff provides support in a number of areas including strategic financial policy and planning, audit, performance monitoring and scrutiny, governance and compliance, service commissioning, grant funding and partnerships, communications and engagement, press and media and general administrative duties. 

The two statutory roles that every Police and Crime Commissioner must have are Chief Executive, Paul Hammond and Chief Finance Officer, (Treasurer) Ian Thompson.



  Deputy Police & Crime Commissioner 

  Paul Hammond

  Chief Executive (Head of Paid Service & Monitoring Officer)

  Ian Thompson

  Chief Finance Officer (Deputy Chief Executive)

  Vicki Waskett

  Head of Governance & Compliance (Deputy Monitoring Officer)

  Cath Marriott

  Head of Partnerships & Community Safety

  Helen Wake

  Head of Victims Services


  Corporate Accountant (Deputy Chief Finance Officer) 

  Colin Simpson

  Senior Assistant Account

  Becky Collins

  Finance Assistant

  Neil Shovell

  Chief Internal Auditor

  Amy Shearn
  Principal Auditor
  Sierra Reid
  Complaint Review Manager

  Jim Katouzian (Acting)

  Governance Manager


  Governance Officer

  Alysha Jhutti 

  Governance Support Officer

  Heather Sherkunov

  Communications & Engagement Manager

  Sarah Stokes
  Communications & Engagement Officer (Victims First Services)
  Ashley Sellwood
  Communications & Engagement Officer

  Gary Evans

  Policy Officer (Policing and Performance)

  Wendy Walker

  Policy Officer (Partnerships and Commissioning)

  Candy Heinrich

  Policy Officer (Partnerships and Commissioning)


  Partnerships Delivery Manager


  Partnerships Delivery Officer

  Charlotte Roberts

  Executive Assistant to the PCC & DPCC

  Eddie Fitzpatrick

  Victims First Hub Manager

  Nazia Ahmed

  Victims First Team Leader

  Rebecca Joules 

  Victims First Officer

  Janet Jones

  Victims First Officer

  Sarah Swell

  Victims First Officer

  Anne Pluck

  Victims First Officer

  Michelle Richards

  Victims First Officer

  Chloe Carter (currently on 2 year secondment)

  Victims First Officer

  Lydia Barmpa (2 year contract)

  Victims First Officer

  Natalie Wong

  Victims First Officer

  Jay Ellams

  Victims First Officer

  Daniel Spencer

  Victims First Officer

  Lesley Gorman 

  Victims First Officer

  Edward Hammett

  Data Quality Officer

  Aaron Cheung

  Strategic Analyst


Please Note:  In addition, the Office of the PCC will continue to receive general business support services and specialist professional advice and support provided by staff located within Thames Valley Police and employed by the Chief Constable.  These services are being provided under section 2(5) and paragraph 7(1) of Schedule 2 of the Police Reform and Social Responsibility Act 2011


View the staff structure of the OPCC.

Find out the salaries of the senior employees of the OPCC and the PCC.

Of the OPCCS’ 32 staff, 21 are women. Four of our members of staff are from an ethnic minority. One of our members of staff has a disability.

The Office of the PCC also runs the Independent Custody Visitor Scheme to find out more visit our Custody Visiting page.

If you would like to contact the office you can do so by visiting our Getting in touch page.