PCC increases financial commitment to partnership working

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Councils across the Thames Valley are set to benefit from a 15% increase in partnership funding thanks to the support of Matthew Barber (Police & Crime Commissioner for Thames Valley).

Matthew Barber, Police and Crime Commissioner for Thames Valley, has set out his spending plans for partnership funding over the next four years (2024/25 – 2027/28) which will total £11.4m of funding provision for Community Safety Partnerships (CSPs) across Thames Valley.

Community Safety Partnerships (CSPs) are local partnerships between the police, local authorities other agencies working to prevent and tackle crime.

Announcing the funding, Matthew said: “We have strong relationships with our Community Safety Partnerships (CSPs) in the Thames Valley and I value the work they do locally in helping make our communities safer.

“I recognise the important work we do together to prevent crime and, as well as delivering record numbers of police officers, I am pleased to be able to increase the Partnership Fund by 15% from next year and give a clear commitment to future funding.

“This means that the total size of the Partnership Fund available for CSPs over the next four years will be £11.4m, which will help to reduce crime and anti-social behaviour across the Thames Valley.

“This funding is in addition to the work commissioned and carried out by my office to support Thames Valley Police and other agencies to tackle crime and make our communities safer.”

The PCC has written to local authorities in the Thames Valley this week to confirm this funding commitment.

For further information on the work of Community Safety Partnerships and the funding provided by the Police & Crime Commissioner, please visit our Grants and Funding webpage.