PCC welcomes police
mental health support line

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Thames Valley Police and Crime Commissioner, Matthew Barber, has welcomed a Home Office announcement confirming the introduction of a new mental health support service for police officers and staff. 

The new 24/7 telephone hotline, which will be run by the College of Policing’s National Police Wellbeing Service, is set to launch in Spring 2024. 

Matthew Barber said: “I warmly welcome the commitment from the Home Office to establish a mental health hotline for police officers and staff. Policing is a particularly demanding and challenging profession. The situations officers and staff have to respond to on a daily basis can oftentimes be difficult and distressing.
It is, therefore, absolutely right that we do as much as we can to invest in their mental wellbeing.

“I am particularly pleased that the new service will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week offering support to those who need it and critical interventions to officers or staff who may sadly be in crisis.

“Thames Valley Police has a strong welfare support structure for its people including occupational health, welfare and chaplaincy and multi-faith support but this new resource, outside of the organisation, will be a welcome addition at every level.”