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ReferenceDateSubjectRequest and Response
FOI 022409.01.24         Data on all spending by the OPCCSee website Budget – Thames Valley PCC (
FOI 0324         10.01.24         Data on staff and PR and CommsResponse 0324
FOI 0424       23.01.24         Data on running costs at the OPCC and complaintsResponse 0424
Continuation document
FOI 0524         29.01.24         Data on victims services for young peopleResponse 0524
FOI 062428.02.24Request for a list of land and buildings owned by the PCCResponse 0624
FOI 072422.02.24Request for information on costs at the OPCCResponse 0724
FOI 082406.03.24Request for information on Home Office funded perpetrator programmesResponse 0824
FOI 112408.03.24Request for a list of TVP buildings sold 2014 – 2024Response 1124
FOI Disclosure log 2024